So you've found the perfect piece, followed the ultimate preparation guide, found your Fusion mineral paint in your favourite colour and read through our ultimate application guide. Now do you need a top coat? The ultimate guide - How to choose a topcoat - looks at whether a water-based or oil-based topcoat is best for your project. Let's dive in and find out which fusion topcoats are best for your project. Do I need Fusion topcoats? After applying Fusion for most projects around your home, you won't need an additional topcoat. There are a few exceptions for high traffic areas such as kitchen or dining tables, dressing table tops and coffee tables. Wherever you expect the paint to be particularly hard-wearing, you can apply an extra coat to increase the longevity of the paint. Jennylyn uses the comparison with painting your nails. If you apply a top coat, the colour will last a little longer and give your manicure extra protection.

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