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Brushkeeper with Ecobrush, your best painting partner. Why is it?

Ecobrush is a professional brush that is suitable for acrylic and alkyd (oil-based) paints and therefore also for chalk paint and/or natural colours such as pure casein paint (Milkpaint).

Of course, the brush comes with a "Brushkeeper", where it can easily be stored for up to 5 days without having to be cleaned first, so the brush does not dry out or become damaged. For longer storage, e.g. months, fill the Brushkeeper with water (e.g. chalk or casein paint) or turpentine for acrylic or alkyd resin paint, depending on the type of paint - and the Ecobrush will clean itself.

No annoying handling with foil or similar accessories, no brush hairs in the paint and a streak-free, professional result. It's also highly durable and the brush container is made from recycled plastic - making it very environmentally friendly.

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